What is Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. A plasma cutter is a device that automatically cuts through these materials once a spec is put in.

What is Ultra Violet Printing?

It is a flat surface printing machine where a material is placed to be printed on. Flatbed printers are capable of printing on a wide variety of materials such as aluminum composite sheets, acrylic sheets, digital print vinyl film, cloth, plastic, pvc, acrylic, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, etc.

Where do your materials come from?

Our materials coming directly from our plant in China. We believe in using our own material, everything is made bespoke to us with our own branding, from the aluminum composite sheets to vinyl, transformers, projection boxes and more.

What is the Laser Cutting machine?

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to vaporize materials, resulting in a cut edge. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. Many request to cut the acrylic, creating small letters for signage.

Would CNC be good for my signage business?

Yes, CNC is a very imperative machine in the signage business. It allows sign makers to route and create boxes, letters and different shapes to create the illustration they have presented to the customer such as shop signage and internal signage.

What is the turn around time?

At Premier Bond UK limited we put care into our customers work and reaching demands and time line is part of our job. We aim to stick to deadlines, preparing or delivering the job within the 48 hours. Please note this may also vary depending on the job.

What if I purchased the wrong product?

If you have purchased the wrong product, we can always offer an exchange subject to the condition of the material, it must have not been used or damaged. Do not hesitate, give us a call and we will get your product changed over in no time!

I want my panel cut and printed, is this possible?

Yes it is, we offer this service online you can easily upload your CNC file as well as your print file and we can get it cut and printed for you. If you have a question or special request you can contact on live chat or call 020 8004 7111, we are always happy to help!

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